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Next Meetings:
June 18, 2019, 1:30pm Kaffeeklatsch at Eileen's (1115 Caroline St.)

July 10, 2019, 6:00PM Stammtisch at Capital Ale House (917 Caroline Street)

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Heritage Festival, new picnic date, and membership

1. It’s this time of the year ago. The 4th of July and with it the Heritage Festival are upon us. Last year at the festival, we started to go public for the very first time with our organization. And see what a long way we have come.

I would like to encourage you to help as staffer at the booth for an hour this year. The more people can help, the less time do individual members have to spend at the booth. Since the festival is a fun event anyway, why not come down, see the different exhibitions and spend an hour before, after, or in between at our booth. We would like to widen our membership base and make the public aware of our existence. To see what is going on at the booth and to sign up for an hour, please go to our doodle link:
Just write your name (first name and last initial is sufficient) and click the time slots you would be available. Please sign up soon as we want to come up with a schedule by Friday.

2. We have a new picnic date. It will be September 24 between 1pm and 6(ish) pm. Once the date comes closer, we will re-activate the sign-up sheet for the potluck again. You will be able to go back and make changes if necessary. If you have sent us a check and are unable to attend, please contact Jack East (schwetzburg.treasurer (a) and he will send your check back to you.

3. After one year, we would like to update our membership database. Due to changing input methods, the database is lacking essential information. We will start referring potential members to our online sign-up form. However, we would also like to ask our current members to fill out the application form, so that we have all relevant information in one place. Current members can ignore the request for membership fees. We have that information recorded. It is self-understood that we keep all data confidential and will not share them with anyone outside the board.

I hope I will see as many of you as possible at the Heritage Festival booth this Monday.

And don’t forget Stammtisch on July 6, 7PM in the Capital Ale House’s Bierkeller.