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Monday, August 1, 2016

Visit in Schwetzingen

As always, our delegation was greeted with overwhelming hospitality.  We were treated to visits in and around Schwetzingen, met Schwetzingers from all walks of life, and had the privilege to attend the Asparagus Fest that coincided this year with the 1250th anniversary of Schwetzingen's first mention in an official document. Below, you will find some impressions of the Spargelfest (Asparagus Fest). More pictures can be found on our Facebook Page

Asparagus Fest and 1250 Years of Schwetzingen - June 11, 2016

Opening Music

Fredericksburg Mayor Mary-Katherine Greenlaw and SFA member Jürgen Brat 

Members of the our band "Nature Boy Explorer"

Mayor Greenlaw addresses the crowd

We brought a Fredericksburg flag that was flown in front of Schwetzingens City Hall right away

Member of a historic gun club

The historic guns were used during a theatre play

These old guns are extremely heavy ...

... as mayor Greenlaw can attest

Nature Boy explorer on stage: Mark Snyder and Becky White

Nature Boy explorer on stage: John White (front) and Austin O'Rourke 

The name - the legend

Mayor Greenlaw at the "Asparagus Run"

The Asparagus Run "obstacle course" also included the drinking of Asparagus liquor

Representatives of the different sister cities Schwetzingen has

If you understand German, there is also a video on the Asparagus Festival.

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