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Next Meetings:
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Friday, August 31, 2018

Fall 2018 Film Series "Germany Sees the United States"

We partnered with the Central Rappahannock Regional Library and present our first German Film Festival: "Germany Sees the United States."
Join us on these three evenings in October. Professor Marcel Rotter (University of Mary Washington) will give brief introductions to the movies and facilitate discussion afterwards.

All screenings take place in the Theater Room of the Fredericksburg Branch (1201 Caroline Street) at 7pm 2, 2018 - Out of Rosenheim (1987)

Also known as "Bagdad Cafe" Watch the trailer here.
German tourist Jasmin Münchgstettner (Marianne Sägebrecht) has a big fight with her husband (Hans Stadlbauer) and stomps off in the middle of a desert highway. Similarly, short-tempered Brenda (CCH Pounder), owner of the dilapidated Bagdad Cafe, has a fight with her husband, who also drives off.

Jasmin arrives at the Bagdad Cafe, suitcase in tow, and asks for a room at the adjacent motel, both of which are located in the middle of nowhere in the California desert. Jasmin stays a while, befriending Brenda's children and Rudi Cox (Jack Palance), a washed-out set designer from Tinsel-Town (Hollywood) and cafe regular.

Jasmin, whose typical German fastidiousness can't tolerate disorder and dirt, starts cleaning and organizing her motel room and the café; while smooth-talking Rudi wants to paint Jasmin's portrait in a series of portraits, each more risqué than the last.

Also a skilled magician, Jasmin begins entertaining the infrequent customers. Word of this gem in the desert spreads throughout the trucker community, and soon the café is packed, drawing the attention of the local Sheriff, Arnie (Apesanahkwat). 11, 2018 - For Eyes Only

East Germany's answer to the James Bond movies:
1961, West Germany. Hansen is a man who escaped from the German Democratic Republic and now works for an American company called Concordia. In fact, Hansen is an agent of the Stasi, and Concordia is the headquarters of Military Intelligence Division in Germany, from which countless saboteurs and spies have been sent over the border to wreak havoc in East Germany. The United States plans to invade the country, after staging an internal uprising as a provocation to intervene. The plans are held by Collins, Hansen's superior. The latter intends to steal them, but has to evade the suspicions of security officer Rocker, who knows there is a leak. He is assisted by his chauffeur, František, who discovered his covert identity but intends to help him, in order to return to his homeland Czechoslovakia. The two manage to steal the safe with the invasion plans and cross the border to the East, pursued by the police and army. The plan is uncovered and the invasion has to be canceled. 16, 2018 - The Sons of the Great Bear

The Sons of the Great Bear is the story of Tokei-Ihto, a Dakota tribesman who is trying to keep the white men from stealing his tribe’s land. His arch-rival is Red Fox (Jirí Vrstála), a white scout who has taken part in Indian initiation rituals and pretends to be part-Indian when it suits his needs (although this is not explained in the movie). When it is discovered that there is gold on the tribe’s land, the government decides that it is time to relocate the Dakotas to someplace more favorable. Tokei-Ihto tries to convince his chief that the white men can’t be trusted, but the chief doesn’t listen, with predictable results.

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